Machine Shop

Advanced Shop For All Printing Repairs & Maintenance


Advance Printers Machine shop has been in the Business of helping you maintain your operating printing press for over a century now. Our staff will help you stay on top of your printing game. We have carved a niche for ourselves to be one of the few machine shop in Chicago Illinois that offer reliable service for the commercial printing industries.

Machine Shop Services

At Advance Printers Machine Shop, we can repair your worn-out rollers. We provide journal repair and replacement services. We can make new cores with our roller manufacturing process. We also provide all types of welding, fusion bond, and metalizing.


Nylon Rollers

You could go to any machine shop and get your work done. But at Advance Printers Machine Shop, we will know just what that part is, and it functions so that the repairs are done correctly. Our nylon coating on print rollers lasts longer than you expect.

Complete Break Down Service

We offer complete breakdown services. Our technical team ensures that our service can help you get your press up and running, providing maximum efficiency.

We also offer exchanges nylon rollers Heidelberg, Goss, and Didde presses.

Advance Printers Machine Shop