Nylon Rollers

Quality Nylon Rollers For Printers


Advance Printers Machine Shop is the trusted company in Chicago, Illinois, for all printing services. We have built experience over the last 100 years in providing repair, maintenance, and replacement services across major printing press companies.

Nylon Rollers

Unlike other rollers, nylon rollers are known for durability and longevity. This is besides providing ease-of-use and efficient prints. Replace your copper, or ebonite rollers with nylon for better ink distribution and transfer with better water balance. Nylon provides great wear chemical resistance and faster cleanups to reduce downtime and save money.

Advance Printers Machine Shop

Machine Shop

At Advance Printers Machine Shop, we are a full-service machine shop, providing a range of repairs and replacement services. We provide welding, fusion-bond, and metalizing for all you press equipment. Our machine shop can handle what you need for repairs. Ask about our Diamond knurl pattern for your metering rollers and our three piece rollers system. Why split inker frames to remove your inker rollers. Our efficient three piece roller design allows for ease of installation. No more splitting your press frame, this means no less down time, this saves your company money.

Servicing the Printing Press Industry

For over a century now, we have transformed ourselves to be dependable and reliable for all printing press repairs. We have gained experience working with the industries printing press mechanics and maintenance department that have relied on our in house services for years.

At other machine shops that have similar capability will not always know just what to you need or may not be able to identify your parts. At Advance Printer Machine we not only will be able to identify that your part, we will know just how to repair it for you.


Printing Companies We Serve:

  • Heidelberg
  • Royal Zenith
  • Goss
  • Didde rollers